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Default Re: Vanguard NDA lifted

My full install as it stands now for beta 5 is 16.8GB.

So far I have been enjoying myself in the beta and trying to feedback as much as I can.

I'll admit the first night I played I was underwhelmed..I think it was because I had DAOC flashbacks and I disliked DAOC.

Once I started getting a feel for the game and got past the horridly clunky interface I started having fun. I pray they update the interface art.

The machine I'm playing it on is the wifes machine not mine so it's not THE optimal setup. Her specs 3500+, 1GB ddr400 and 6800U.

The game gets flat out chunky on this rig even on balanced or high performance. The odd thing is that it doesn't always seems like it's her PC causing it. I can be sitting there staring at a wall with noone around and the framerate will go from 40 down to 1 then up to 9 and just stays there.

I'm planning to get the game for both of us at launch (later this month..too soon!) and will hope for the best.

Brad said they have a huge Live team that will be pulling down serious overtime after launch and that the expansion team will be assisting the Live team for the first few months to get things nailed down.

I can live with that for now.
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