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Default Re: Microsoft: HD-DVD might be "next Betamax"

At least around here, it seems HD DVD is better "setup" though. When looking for blu-ray movies at Circuit City, I finally had to ask where they were. They had them in the TV section while all the other DVDs and HD-DVDs were together. Then, at Best Buy and Circuit City, the HD DVD are much easier to browse since they mostly have each movie facing so you can clearly see the movie and it's only one movie per stack. The blu-ray movies are stacked with several movies in the stack so it basically looks like there are maybe 10 blu-ray movies until you realize there are other movies behind the one facing you. It's really irritating to browse through them.

But, I guess Sony still must be doing a pretty good job of marketing. I've heard a few people that were browsing HD DVDs tell someone with them that Blu-Ray was the superior format but since they were able to get HD-DVD capability for cheaper they were going with that.

I've also seen a few people browsing HD DVDs mention Blu-Ray as having a better selection but to tell you the truth, I was thinking the exact opposite. I guess it's because I really want the Serenity HD DVD and a couple of others that blu-ray doesn't have. So, I guess it's just a matter of what you're looking for.
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