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Default Re: Vanguard NDA lifted

Originally Posted by Sgt_Pitt
The game is or could be 1 patch away from running like silk. Since were not developers we dont know

but i can tell you as of the last 2 days the performance has improved again, and they recognise the problem.

Sounds to me like your just interested in the frame rates, and since you couldnt get decent fps during the beta, you wrote it off. its not so much about the FPS, for most people its the HD thrashing thats giving people the problems.

Well the thing with MMO;s is once the game is released its not the end of the fixes.
We are only interested in frame rates when it is a SLIDE SHOW! This game is due out at the end of January and as far as I can tell if they are one patch away from making this run like silk it better be a magical patch cuz I don't see it. You are not talking to gamers who have done many BETAs, built many computers and work in IT. We know our stuff and we now know this game blows. I am VERY easy to please with games. I like lesser games that most of y'all won't play and I am telling you I didn't like Vanguard and I really wanted to like it.

You see the thing with MMOOs is THEY SHOULD WORK TWO WEEKS BEFORE ITS RELEASE! IMO, this game needs to be pushed back 3 months even if they get the system optimized. It still has many bugs.

BTW the whole interface was a rip off from WoW. Basically it was the WoW interface with a Vanguard theme.
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