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Default Re: Vanguard NDA lifted

Originally Posted by UDawg
You see the thing with MMOOs is THEY SHOULD WORK TWO WEEKS BEFORE ITS RELEASE! IMO, this game needs to be pushed back 3 years even if they get the system optimized. It still has many bugs, it makes baby jesus cry.

BTW the whole interface was a rip off from WoW. Basically it was the WoW interface with all the ****ty parts of WoW/DAOC/EQ for the theme.
Fixed the incorrections

I'm sorry Brad is going to lose alot of money on this game. I really am. Brad seems like such a good guy. You win some(EQ), you lose some(Vanguard). If only Brad would have stuck with his "vision" the game would be decent. The reason for the game's failure is there are far too many ideas in it. Its blatantly obvious there was no person organizing what was going down in this game. Everyone seems to have been doing their own thing.
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