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Default 1st post just built new pc can i have some tips please?

Hey guys hows it going? I have been interested in overclocking for some time and gradually got to grips with building pc's. Here is the spec of my new pc

2x1GB PLatinum OCZ DDR2 PC7200 900MHZ Ram
Asus P5N32-SLI Premium/WiFi-AP
Intel core duo 6600
Be quiet 430 watt PSU
Arctic cooler pro cpu fan
Soundblaster XFI Xtreme music sound card
400 GB western digital caviar sata hard drive 16 MB cache
ATI Radeon X1950XTX DDR4 Graphics card

I think that is it. This cost me a fortune but i want the best i could afford and for it to last me more than a year. I have been messing with the asus programs for overclocking and using pc wizard and cpuz to figure out what my system is running and what it is capable of for 3 weeks, but figured it was time to ask the pros for advice as i dont seem to be getting anywhere and i dont want to damage a component or the whole lot.

I would appreciate any help towards overclocking and how to get the most out of my ram and cpu. I have been running 3dmark03 and got a score of 22674 this was my best out of many runs.

I will become part of this community and give back to so please help me out and i'll be grateful forever!!!

Many thanks guys!

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