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Default Re: WoW - post your mains

Originally Posted by DaveChambers
While I agree that Hemo rogues are very deadly, Shadowpriests, Warlocks > Rogues for PvP.
There's isn't a warlock that I don't step all over right now. Succy fights can be rough every now and then, but that just makes it challenging.

Shadowpriests are even easier. Not only do I have an inherent fear break, I can CloS out the second time, if there even is one (and even a third after prep ><). They have zero CC.

My biggest problem is well geared feral druids. 6-7k HP and 10k armor while still doing hardcore DPS on leather is not cool. At least now I can CloS out of FFF and vanish. If vanish isn't up and they get the jump it's GG.
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