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Default Re: Microsoft: HD-DVD might be "next Betamax"

Originally Posted by superklye
Price isn't what's the company backing it, trying to force it down our throats that DOES matter.
Yes you are right it the companies backing it. I think soon the majority of consumers follow what the majority of companies backing it, that what happened with VHS.

I checked both HD-DVD and Blu-ray to get the latest updated of supporters.

HD-DVD - 137
Blu-ray - 172

Also the Hollywood movie studios:

HD-DVD - 3
Blu-ray - 6

HD-DVD has 50% backed by Paramount, Universal and Warner Bros and Blu-ray has 100% full backed by all movie studios Paramount, Universal, Warner Bros, Sony Pictures, 20th Century Fox and Walt Disney.

HD-DVD have only 50/50 chance to lose the format to Blu-ray, if Warner Bros did not get great support for Total-HD format then Warner Bros would soon realised they will backing Blu-ray 100% that would leave Hollywood 33% backed HD-DVD.
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