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Default Hey chaps,help me bust my rig :)

Not really

Conroe E6600 2.4GHZ,two 7900gs sli,asus P5N32-SLI Premium board,2 gig ram,96.89 forceware drivers.Phoenix Award bios v6.00pgxp/vista dual boot.

I haveprime95,cpuz and coretemp and a few weeks on hand to get this baby smoking.What is need a precise guide to the bios and what to adjust for this setup,i have found a stack of articles but nothing in depth and really user friendly that i can apply.

Is there a step by step article that specifically would apply for my rig or the seperate parts like an E6600 guide,7900gs guide etc. I am not totally pc illiterate but aware that if not done in increments and watching the heat..things will break

At this stage i have looked at the bios and the three programs but not adjusted anything.

I have a benchmark i can use for the tests and positively see what gains i can get (IL2 sturmovik series latest edition 1946) which is a fairly big frame rate eater.
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