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Default Re: Microsoft: HD-DVD might be "next Betamax"

Ok fair enough about their locations but as far as I know Weinstein is still putting out HD DVDs and Universal is still HD DVD only. Sure things could change in the future but then Lions Gate is rumored to be heading to HD DVD also.
I would like to see a link or something about Weinstein confirmed to be making Blu-ray discs if you don't mind. Weinstein is releasing 'Clerks II,' 'Pulse' and 'Lucky Number Slevin.' on Jan. 16th but no mention of Blu-ray anywhere.

Edit: Ok I see on that same page that Genius Products, the home video distribution partner of The Weinstein Company, early this year plans to unleash their first Blu-ray titles, beginning with releases from ESPN, which is owned by ABC/Disney, a big Blu-ray backer.

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