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Default Re: PCI-E Geforce 6800 Problem

Hello. I am having the same exact problem, the "skipping" or "stuttering" while playing WoW, Warcraft 3 The Frozen throne, or even while playing CSS. Sometimes I get the blue screen of death and it crashes, but mostly the game continues functioning normally. In CSS the colors **** up, but i can still play. Same graphics card, 6800 GT. However, I believe my problem is due to the actual temperature of the graphics card. It idles at about 80 C and yesterday went up to 106 C while running a graphic intensive program. I have my case open so as to make it colder. System Specs:

P4 2.8ghz
1 Gig ram Dual channel
120 GB hard drive (4 partitions)
Power supply 350 Watts

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