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Default Re: Will we ever see an amd64 NVidia driver for FreeBSD?

Originally Posted by DasFox
LOL, I ditched FreeBSD, when it couldn't even support my nForce2 board, support was so crappy, and this was with 6.0 and it was like, well how long has FreeBSD been around, and how long the nForce boards been around, and they still couldn't get decent support for it.
Support for nForce2 was added in 6.0, the current version is 6.2-prerelease. First time a driver gets added it's bound to contain bugs. That why people need to test and send in bug reports. Bugs get fixed over time. You won't believe how crappy 3.0[*] ran compared to 6.2. Perhaps you should upgrade?

FreeBSD can be great at some things, and at other times the hardware support can be really lame.
That's what you get when you buy state of the art hardware. If you buy a new mainboard with a brand spanking new chipset on it I'll doubt Linux will have support for it to. I look through the hardware compatibility list before I buy new hardware. That way I can be sure my hardware works with my OS of choice.

[*] Yes, I'm a long time FreeBSD user. Almost a decade now

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