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Originally posted by Solomon
What is so sad is that Futuremark didn't even fix their biggest flaw/cheat. You can STILL! cancel out in the middle of the benchmark and overclock your settings and re-run it to the old settings to show that your score is a lot higher then it should be. Because it still keeps the old setting even though the clocks have changed.

This was verified by some of our readers. How sad... Good Job Futuremark.

D. Solomon Jr.
Thought to drop by..

If you are talking about the GPU/VPU core & mem MHz, I don't see how that is possible. I just tested this procedure:

1. Started 3DMark03 (default MHz)
2. Ran GT1 and GT2
3. Quit the benchmark run
4. Overclocked the GPU/VPU
5. Ran the whole benchmark

and when I looked at the result file, it showed me the overclocked MHz, and not the default. Or am I missing something?

*edit: Ok.. I think I know what you guys mean. You see, when you start 3DMark03, and the look at the client SystemInfo, it displays the info it collects when 3DMark03 is executed. If you then change any MHz, the client System Info is not changed, but the result file that you will upload / save is. If you do the steps I posted above, and then after the benchmark run look at the details of the result file (not the clientside SI), you should be able to find the MHz that are sent to the ORB, and they are correct. The clientside SI is not updated "on the fly". I hope this clears up things..


Nick / Futuremark

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