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Default Re: WoW - post your mains

Originally Posted by lIqUID
prep, prep, prep. I'm telling you, I've been CLoS/Hemo for several weeks now, and no caster has beaten me in a 1v1 fight since. I just stumble a bit on pallies, and well geared assassination build rogues, but they only show up for fights every 3 minutes, heh. The only time I ever have to stun a caster is the initial CS, which is opened up with 2 points from premed, so basically you'll start the fight at 50% or less HP from a 5 point evis if it crits(2400-2900dmg are my crits on cloth)
Prep builds are very fun, thats how I currently have my rogue spec'd. But debates like this are almost pointless. It all comes down to who's sitting behind the character, and how much time they've put into the game (gear, understanding of game mechanics, etc). But I what I especially enjoy about shadowpriests is their high melee damage reduction. I think my priest sits at just under 51%. On top of that, and the 5600+ HP, theres also 2 shields for the rogue and warriors (poor guys, dont get any rage from the shield ) to eat through, putting my theoretical health total for a 30 second fight just a hair under 8k.

I agree with you, paladins can either be cake for a rogue, or an absolute nightmare. I recently spec'd my paladin to 41/10/0 (holy/prot build) and I believe that to be the ultimate PvP healer spec. I've had Naxx/AQ40 geared rogues burn every cooldown twice, and still never get me passed 60% health. Of course, good gear can make up for a lot of missing skill, but when you combine the both, you have an absolute PvP machine, regardless of class.
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