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Default Re: Vanguard NDA lifted

Originally Posted by UDawg
Exactly! I think that is why I didn't like the game. If I could clearly see the mobs and the landscape, maybe it would be different. The play style is fine but the ambience is crap. In WoW night doesn't affect your vision. You know it is dark but don't think about it. I really hope they change a lot of stuff cuz I'd like to play this. Maybe because I am bored with WoW and am just looking for another MMO.

I still can't wait for Warhammer and Conan. Those are my last two hopes. LotRO and Vanguard are a bust.
Umm..When is the last time you guys tested? They have been tweaking day/night brightness over the last 2 phases of beta, and continue to tweak it...I have no problems with that atm..

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