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Default Re: WoW - post your mains

Originally Posted by DaveChambers
Duels are pretty uneven, most of the time people will only open duels with people they know or think they can beat. I've sat out in front of IF for hours and never had a duel opened, but as soon as I log on to a 60 with a little less gear, everyone tries to duel ya. Its pretty funny

I always love premades for PvP, I wont even attempt it without one. But from what Ive come to see, to win WSG you need geared players who have some basic idea of how to PvP; however, AB is a different story completely. You can have a team full of people in their PvP blue set, and they can absolutely dominate. After spending my first two years as alliance, I grew to hate AB. Getting 5 capped 8/10 games by mostly pugs just wasnt fun. However, the second I was high enough for AB on my Shaman, its all I wanted to do. It just seems the the overall teamwork of the horde is much better than alliance. Maybe its because every 12 year old decides they have to be a nightelf, and in the end, it does end up hurting the faction
That is why I love the Horde. My 29 undead priest Snots from Elune was HATED and I loved that.

I am not good at dueling at all, yet you get me in world PVP and I can take down 3 or 4 alliance easily. It is all about patients.

Here is my biggest pet peeve in Wow, JUMPING! I hate it when people PVP and jump around, espeically mages. They do the same damn movements. It is a wasted movement IMO. They say it messes the other person up. Uhh, no it doesn't, auto attack buddy. You can run around making them mess up their casting with out jumping. I guess the reason why I hate it so much is because it is envogue. People do it because they want to be cool.
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