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Default Re: WoW - post your mains

Originally Posted by UDawg
That is why I love the Horde. My 29 undead priest Snots from Elune was HATED and I loved that.

I am not good at dueling at all, yet you get me in world PVP and I can take down 3 or 4 alliance easily. It is all about patients.

Here is my biggest pet peeve in Wow, JUMPING! I hate it when people PVP and jump around, espeically mages. They do the same damn movements. It is a wasted movement IMO. They say it messes the other person up. Uhh, no it doesn't, auto attack buddy. You can run around making them mess up their casting with out jumping. I guess the reason why I hate it so much is because it is envogue. People do it because they want to be cool.
Its funny you should say that; I introduced a few friends of mine in real life to WoW, and everytime I come help them get started they'll ask, "Why do you jump everywhere". I've tried to stop and I'll go a few minutes, then just realize I'm jumping everywhere again. I guess it just became a habit after running around so much
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