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Default Re: Hey chaps,help me bust my rig :)

Originally Posted by SlieTheSecond
The E6600 can do a lot more than 2.8ghz. If you have the right parts to go with it (motherboard,ram,psu,cooling).

Does your motherboard not come with a cd with a bios flashing program?

I know my last few asus boards did, and I just flashed from windows. I've heard of some people saying they will only flash with a floppy. But I haven't owned a floppy drive for 5 years. And I've never ran into a problem doing it from windows.
I will go through all of my stuff and see,i have never flashed a bios before so it is unknown territory for me

PSU is an SP 550w ATX dual
Cards are expert vision 256 meg
Memory timings are 4 4 4 12 (cl rcd rp as) if that helps

also have two extra fans on a siewinder box.

ok found my manual and the cd so off to do the bios update
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