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Default Can't get good quality using HD576p in CRT TV


I'm trying to connect my HTPC through component to a TV. My hardware:

- NVIDIA GeForce 6150 (ASUS onboard)
- Debian etch
- CRT TV Samsung CW29Z408T 29"
- Xorg 7.1
- Nvidia driver 1.0-9746

I'm in Spain (PAL-G) and the TV supports component and progressive signal. Currently, I have image in the TV, but it's not very good. I get the highest quality image when using "TVStandard" "HD576p". I set modes entry in xorg.conf to "720x576". But i have a problem.

There is overscan. It's like the image is zoomed in. Image it's centered, but I can't see the task bar. Why this happens? It's the xserver creating a desktop higher than 720x576? Or the xorg it's really creating a desktop of 720x576 and the problem it's showing it?

Lot of thanks.
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