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Default Poor Performance Geforce 7900GS Go Under Ubuntu.

I've got the latest drivers installed and configured properly and I still get acceleration, the problem is I get horrible performance.

For example in WoW/City of Villains via Cedega I take about a 70-100 FPS Hit. WoW is flat out unplayable when there is pvp combat on screen, the game hardlocks.

GLXGears -printfps returns around 10k-11k.

I have to boot with acpi=off noapic and pci=biosirq, ACPI has to be off because for whatever reason A) My sound doesn't work with it on and B) If it's on the fan on my video card doesn't spin at all.

And I can't get X to load if I don't have noapic and pci=biosirq on.

So, I'm at your mercy. I want to make linux my primary OS but this is getting harder and harder to deal with. Thanks.

My system is a Toshiba p105-s9722 with the Intel GMA945 chipset.

Edit: Correction. After trying to do glxinfo for this post my X rebooted itself and now my 3D card can't be used at all. I'm currently using the default nv driver instead of the nvidia drivers I had installed. When I reinstalled the drivers X gave me an input/output error on the card. For Reference, I use everything on Windows fine.

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