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Default RedHat 7.3 / nForce install - Success!

Here's how I did it and hopefully, this will help someone out in the future.

When you download RH 7.3, you might need all 3 CD's.. And if you only download the first one, it won't let you just skip the second one if you don't have it..

You more then likely won't need the 3rd disc though. But you will need the first 2.

I just did a typical default "workstation" install this time around. I'll do a custom install next time so I can chop down that 1.5 gig install to about ~500 megs.

At the end of the install, when you pick your resolution and color depth, don't do the test option... I did and I just got a black screen and had to do the install over again.

Also, choose to use LILO for the bootload and not GRUB. I used GRUB the first time and it said it "couldn't load it into memory, error 28" or some such nonsense, so I had to reinstall and use LILO instead.

Now, when you boot up for the first time, already have the nForce drivers and the latest detonators on a CD. When it's booting up(Use LILO), it will have a graphical menu and Linux will be the choice and in the lower left of the screen, it will say "Press CTL X" for something that I don't remember. Anyways, press CTL X and then type "Linux 3" and press enter. That way it won't try and boot up KDE/Gnome. It will boot to the command prompt and you can update your drivers since Nvidia won't open source them and RedHat won't include them on the CD.

Now, I installed the nForce RPM with no problem at all. I rebooted and the startup detected I now had a network card and I set it to use DHCP and that was that.

Now to install the GeForce drivers. I had to mount the cdrom.

mount /mnt/cdrom

Then you NEED to install the kernel source and the kernel headers that are listed as glibc-kernelheaders or something like that.

I first attempted to install both the Nvidia Kernel and GLX using RPMS and they both failed. Maybe because I didn't have the kernel source and headers installed first?

Why doesn't RedHat install GCC by default!!?? They need too!

I had to install a bunch of things because of dependinces.

So, in summary. Install RedHat, boot to run level 3. Then install the nForce drivers(I rebooted so I could take care of the NIC). Then install the kernel source and headers and gcc.. Then install the detonater kernel and glx from the tar files.

Maybe the rpm files will work after the kernel source and headers are installed?

Any questions just post them.
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