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Default Re: Hey chaps,help me bust my rig :)

i have read through a lot here in the last few days as well as all over the net,man its doing my head in i see guys who are overclocking and only picking up minimal in game FPS but increasing temps a fair bit for it.

I need to pick up around 10 fps in a IL2:1946 where it has a water setting of 4 that uses sm 2.0 shaders? i think ,pics here

I can run with those graphics but AA and AF maxed i drop into the 12-18 zone.

Other people i am seeing with the same game and similar systems , are getting better FPS than me so i am sure i should be able to run those graphics at a higher FPS.

SLI you said optimize before instead of overclock,i should probably start there.I have nTune now if that is any good and i am going to run a 3d mark on my rig today to see where it stands.

Thanks so far for the help
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