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Default Re: Languages you know

Originally Posted by DaveW
I use Ruby and Python mainly for testing other apps and scripting. Check out Watir for Ruby and Pamie for Python, they are great for unit-testing web apps and much much better than nUnit ASP.

Ruby is easy to learn, its quite intuitive except for its use of special characters. E.g.


Still, its not as bad as Perl... Perl programs look like some huge regular expression to me

Python is easy to learn too, the main oddity being its lack of implicit self. I still don't understand why the language is designed this way. I read theres some cool hacks you can do because of this, but I never got that deep with t he language.

I really like the fact that Python uses indentation instead of brackets etc. Most programmers freak when they here this, but once you've tried it you will find it makes perfect sense.
Please don't say Perl is horrible... I have to take that class next semester.

Well, I've done BASIC, Java, JScript, VB .Net, HTML/CSS, PHP, SQL, and RPG 4 LE. In order to get a bachelors in Computer Information Systems, I've already taken classes that covered all of those. I'm currently in C++, and I have to take Perl. It is quite amazing how many different things that I've learned to do for my degree.

I would also like to learn Uscript (Unreal scripting for UT), that way I can make mods for UT2007 when it finally comes out.
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