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Default Re: PCI-E Geforce 6800 Problem

I second using the official v84.21 drivers from nvidia, i had absolutely zero problems with my 6800/6800GT cards. For drivers to work correctly, you must UNinstall them the correct way and i mean not just by using the add/remove programs in windows. After removing the driver from windows, you must use "driver cleaner pro" in safe mode(press F8 during bootup), so heres what you do...

1. UNinstall nvidia drivers using add/remove programs in windows and reboot when prompted
2. During bootup, hit F8 and choose "safe mode" from listed menu
3. Use driver cleaner pro and choose nvidia from the drop down menu
4. After the access files are removed, reboot and go back into windows
5. Install the nvidia driver of your choice and reboot once again when prompted
6. Install coolbits2(nvidia) to overclock your video card and reboot once more

I've used this method many times w/o issue... but if your still having problems, im looking at that 380w PSU. Depending on the brand and the quality along with the amperage on the +12v line, its possibly not enough. With todays newer systems, they rely heavily on the +12v line and depending what your total system specs are, just to be safe, you will need at least 26a for starters.

Ps- Please list your total system specs, name and brand of everyting.
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