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Default Re: Hey chaps,help me bust my rig :)

PCI-E is set in Bios in Primary display adapter,i did a retest with ntune disabled but no difference.

I saw these in bios

JumperFree Config

Overclocking options
Overclock 5%
Overclock 10%
Overclock 15%
Overclock 20%
FSB 960/800
FSB 1280/800
FSB 1000/667
FSB 1333/667
FSB 1200/800

Freq Control

FSB Turbo mode [disabled]
MEM Turbo mode [disabled]

Voltage Control

Vcore volt [Auto]
Mem volt [1.90v]

i did a retest with ntune disabled but no difference,did a reboot and went into the bios,overclocking options and set it at 20 % ,ran 3dmark and the score was the same,went back into bios and set it to default again.

When i run 3DMark it does not get above a slideshow,would that be normal for a system of my specs?I downloaded the latest version of 3DMark 06 (Build 1.1.0) from Futuremark so one would expect it to be ok,maybe i might try an earlier build ?


Gave RivaTuner2.0 a run,set the fan speeds (low2d,high 3d etc) set core clock and memory clock at 450/660 for low and 520/750 for high ,all is working as per rivatuner documentation when i run tests with the hardware monitoring displays open but 3dmark is lower rivatuner is showing me i have increased my card settings but actually decreased my pc output.

The 3d mark actually really surprised me it is that low,something seems wrong somewhere,especially when COD2 with settings maxed is running flawlessly,paintshop pro,photoshop etc fly along.The only thing killing my gaming at the moment is enabling the sm2.0 shaders option in IL2 1946 ,which i should be able to run well,no hassle.

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