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Originally posted by jAkUp
nothing is overclocked... my fsb and cpu are all at the default... my corsair memory is at 400mhz cas 2 ultra timings...... (in the bios there is timing settings safe/normal/turbo/and ultra) im thinking thats its probably the memory speeds. how fast is your memory?
Ahhh. I see. My FSB and Vidcard clocks are all standard. No overclocking. As for memory I am running Micron 2.5 CAS PC2700 DDR333 at standard speeds. Unfortunately it wont go much faster. It's not like Corsair XMS3200 or somehting like that. But it appears as though your score is higher relative to your CPU score beating mine and I do know that memory bandwidth plays a large part in CPU performance in 3D.

My MOBO supports separate memory and FSB timings in which case I am thinking of going and getting PC3200 Corsairs and pushing the memory up a bit more aggressively. Essentially, that means DDR400??? Ok, so what are the timings for that? DDR333 is 166*2 right? So if I want to go DDR400 do I set it to 200*4?

If I am not "overclocking" the CPU leaving it at 18*133 (2.4Ghz), but I am separately pushing XMS3200 RAM to 200*4 (400Mhz), are there any side effects to that action? Stability? Heat? Timing with the processor and memory controller? Or do people do this all the time? I don't like overclocking but this really is not overclocking if the motherboard and RAM both support it right?

Also, does doing this give you near PC1066 RDRAM performance?

Just wondering.

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