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Default Ocing Athlon 3700+. I'm starting to wimp out at 2.7GHz!

I have had my Athlon 3700+ (stock 2.4) at 2.72GHz for a couple of weeks and so far after a good few attempts I have not been able to succeed in anything higher. I crash at 2.75 (250FSB). 2.8GHz would be a dream to get, however although I may be able to get to that with more vcore and extra ram voltage, I have been putting it off cause i am nervous I might mess up my system at any higher voltages... Right now I have my CPU vcore @ 1.50v (cpu-z, speedfan report 1.53...) from 1.48v stock, ram and everything else is stock voltage.

My memory (see sig) is at timings 3-3-3-8 (1t). 333Mhz.

HT multi set at 3x.

My CPU cooler is a Zalman 7000B. Temps - 26C idle/45C load.

As I have said, I would love to get 2.8GHz out of this CPU safely but I am not sure if it's wise for me to raise the vcore anymore for fear of a total system failure... Can I up the vcore more safely? Should I even be thinking about attempting 2.8GHz with my hardware? Plz enlighten me so I can finally make a confident decision

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