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Default Re: E6600 + Zalman 9700 Temp Check Please (luv a newb - it's Christmas!)

Hi Guys

My system is as follows:

Zalman CNPS9700 cooler
Gigabyte DQ6
2gb Corsair 6400 c4 800mhz
Leadtek 7600gt 256 mb video card
antec 900 gaming case
antec trupower 550 watt power supply

I just got my PC back from the store as I tried to overclock it and the system kept on crashing.

I just want to get the e6600 to around 3.2GHZ, does any one have any easy and safe steps I can follow to achieve this?

Maybe just the FSB and possibly other small settings I can make without risking damage to the hardware.

thanks for your help...
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