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Default Re: WTF?? Ntune killed my system

nTune did the same to mine, or I presume. I thought maybe it was my hard-drive because I used a partition to install Vista on, and then removed it, and I saw there was 8MB of unpartition space, so I added it.

Things went fine, and I decided I'd go for 3GHz since I am getting a new CPU, mobo, and RAM here soon. So I pushed it up to 3GHz, it froze during Aquamark. So I went into the BIOS and changed my RAM down to 133MHz, voltage to a 3% increase (MSI actually gives percentages in voltage increases), and got into windows.

I went to nTune, and got 3GHz out of my CPU. Aquamark was running 3-4 times in a row no freeze up. Thinking I had a solid overclock I jumped back into my bios after foolishly saving my profile to change to my new settings on start-up. Went into my BIOS put the HTT to 250 (3GHz), and restarted.

Blue Screen, instantly. I tried several things, finally got into windows under safe mode, and backed things up. I turned the PC off went to bed. Got up the next morning changed things to default, in the Bios; even went back to the original clock speed. (I had been running at 2.88GHz stable) I went into safe mode deleted that profile, and even attempted to uninstall nTune can't do that through safe mode. So I booted up into windows normal and I had set it to do a desk check, it did that. Booted in, lasted for about 5 minutes while I was trying to uninstall nTune BOOM BSOD!

To find out what the error was I went into safe mode, unchecked "Automatic Restart", and I went into windows. Got the BSOD again, and it was "Mass Storage Failure atapi.sys. I was beginning to wonder how in the hell this could of gotten corrupt, not unless voltage has anything to do with BSOD. Anyway I did a quick format, and got the BSOD while trying to install my network drive. Same ERROR. So I did the long format, and in the middle of the damn format it came across a BAD SECTOR, and before I could read the entire error I got a blue screen in the middle of SETTING WINDOWS UP WTF!? Yeah I know crazy ****. So I unplugged that hard drive, (IDE Hard drive) smashed in to bits, went out got my a 320GB at over priced best buy, and installed worked fine.
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