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Default Projects you're working on (work-related or otherwise)

I haven't really had anything to do at work lately because the stuff they give me a third grader could do (yet other people there are simply amazed when I get it done), so I've heard wind of a project I may have to undertake.

Basically, it's an educational tool for agents to teach them about Health Savings Accounts to better sell them to customers.

It's going to have a number of "modules" or "pieces" which have PDFs, Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations attached to them along with an Flash video file and requisite descriptive information.

Not too bad right? Just code a little ASP.NET to interact with a "database" XML file of all the available material and bada bing, dynamic mini-site.


I have no access to server technology. This entire thing has to be client-side and dynamic.

So I coded up a layout yesterday and started the XSLT and finished all that today. In fact, the entire thing is working except for the FLV player since I can't figure out how to dynamically pass a variable to the embedded Flash code. I can hardcode it, but then I have to make a page for each module/piece and that defeats the entire purpose.

It's so frustrating to be so close and to actually have the entire thing working except for this one part.

I'm pretty pleased with myself...and I learned a HELL of a lot more about XML/XSLT architecture in the process.

What are you working on?
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