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Default Re: Overclocking GPU - Higher Core or Higher Memory

Originally Posted by SLippe
I wanted to ask the opinion of you all here to see what you think about what is better to have overclocked more, the Core or the Memory on your GPU? I ask, because it was my experience that I get better performance/benchmark scores with a higher Core overclock than I did with a higher Memory overclock. Take the scores in my Sig, for example, and the overclocks on my GPU, also in Sig. I now have my card overclocked at 690/870 and did not score as high as the scores in my Sig.

Would you all agree to overclock the Core first, to it's limit, then overclock the Memory to it's limit? I for one think this is the way to go.

Your opinions?
Most definitely, i see much better results from overclocking the Core. Upping the Memory clocks never really seems to do a lot, performance wise.
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