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Default Re: Projects you're working on (work-related or otherwise)

im designing an archival system in ASP.NET for the place i work.

its pretty simple, allowing users to login, upload and download multiple files. i also have permissions set so that users can only access their company's files and administrators and operators can access all files. it logs all activity and manages the files itself, preventing users from ****ing the directories/hierarchy up.

i wrote the whole thing and its in beta atm, still needs to be tested thoroughly
i already know some bugs that will/do exist. all i can say is that 3 weeks ago i knew nothing about ASP.NET and thx to MS's visual web developer studio express (freely available) i built this sweet page. the company should pay me a couple thousand cause they would have sent this out to be written by some company otherwise and would have spent that much anyway. oh well

at home, i plan to begin working with XNA and learning how to develop games for the PC
im also working on a simple VB application to rename multiple files, in which you can designate the increment (letter, numbers, special characters, etc.) and the base file name (image001, image002, etc.). need it to organize my pr0n collection
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