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Default Re: Best air cooling?

Originally Posted by Amuro
Recommend the Freezer 7 Pro.

It's cheap; you can get it for under $30, nothing comes close at this price/performance range. Very easy install, no need to remove motherboard. Extremely quiet. Even if you lower the RPM, it will still outperform the stock cooler from Intel. Also, fan can be controlled with SpeedFan. Comes with TIM pre-applied. 6 year warranty.
i will have to second that.
i am not running a c2d but rather the p4d (830) from 3.0ghz to 3.3
and it is performing soo well.
I am at 43C right now, and it keeps cool under load.
It was like 17 over here which is pretty cheap, and the noise levels are minimal.
Not sure about C2D's though. they may need a better solution for oc'ing.
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