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Default Re: Projects you're working on (work-related or otherwise)

Right now I'm hacking this CMS called Vignette to make up for what their sales guys told the client it can do before they spent gazillions of dollars on it, and what we found out afterwards it is actually capable of. I'm having to deal with people who barely speak English. Its not fun.

Over the weekends I am working for this guy on a photo sharing site. He has me redo the same pages over and over again. Thats getting old too. Its easy work so I don't really care as long as he pays me.

During my last job I usually had nothing to do, I worked on their eCommerce site most of the time. We once rewrote it from ASP to ASP.NET within a week under the guise of a simple patch. Our PM flipped after he found out, but that was several months after the fact. Had we gone through official channels the rewrite would never have been approved, because nothing that sounded complicated ever was.

I had a few pet projects of my own there too which I've been meaning to get back to but never did:

A web-based fractal landscape generator.

A secure pr0n viewer with a Blowfish encrypted library.

A shape/character recognition artificial neural network - that was a fun learning experience even though it had no practical uses.

A two-step proxy that allowed us to surf the web from work without showing up on the Surf Control logs.

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