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Default Re: What MMO's do we have to look forward too?

Originally Posted by Tygerwoody
Another WoW wannabe that is:

Less fun than WoW
STUPIDLY limited character creation
Bad animations
Aweful art
Flat out boring to play

And to Ninjaman

I have no problem with WoW. Its just not my type of game. Just because you enjoy those type games and I don't does not mean I am a "LAWL elitest ZOMG LAWL". It just simply means I don't like WoW. Its too easy and its player base is too young for me. Why is that so hard for you to understand?
Bingo! I played both BETAs as did Tygr and they both blew. What I didn't like about LotRO is it was instanced like DnDO. I hate that type of MMO. Just let me roam the world. At least you could roam around in Vanguard. So between the two Vanguard was better but still a bad game.

Warhammer on the other hand looks to be right up my ally. I am most definately going to be a frezy orc or what ever they call that bad arss class. I do not want to play the BETA for this game because I want the final version to not be spoiled by a work in progress.

Conan looks to be good also but expect a more bland looking environment due to the settings know for Conan comics. Still it looks fun but a bit more dark in atmosphere.

Other than those two games, you will have just as much luck finding a good MMO from the Korean MMO spammers who plague this forum. LOL

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