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Default Question on thermal power, stepping and architechture

Title says it all. I want to learn more about exactly what I'm tinkering with by overclocking my 4400. I know the how, but my question is this.

My 4400 has (according to spec sheet) an E4, E6 stepping, at a stock speed of 2200 mghz. The x2 4800 is an E6 @ 2400. Both use 1.30/1.35 v.

What exactly does that E4, E6 stepping mean? And if I'm running at 2.4, is my 4400 essentially the same as a 4800? And the voltage..does 1.30/1.35 mean it may operate anywhere between the 2 out of box, or is that required voltage, or is that safe operating voltage? Almost forgot, would the thermal power go to the same 110 as well?

Thanks in advance for answers, I know these are n00bish questions, but google is turning up anything but what I want, and I like to know exactly how I busted my hardware.

thanks guys.
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