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Default Re: Question on thermal power, stepping and architechture

Originally Posted by grey_1
Thx for the reply J-Mag. So far it seems super stable. i had it at 2500 for a few days, but I started getting weirdness, and wary of the voltage increases. But that was a hefty bump on yours, and I see some in others sigs. Maybe I'm being a bit paranoid.

Thanks again.
You shouldn't be to wary of voltage increases under 1.5v, but sometimes higher voltage actually causes instability. Although it is more than likely to create more stability as long it is being cooled effectively.

I do know what you mean though as a specific overclock can work fine and then one day it becomes unstable. Sometimes this is because your cooling is becoming less effective (dust buildup, summer, etc..). Also some programs are more sensitive to specific subcomponent overclocks. It is also possible that a processor's transistors are experiencing electromigration and the chip could be dying. Although I doubt the later for your case because you haven't really pushed the voltage.

Recently I haven't even been overclocking because I hate crashes far more than the few fps I get over my stock 2.2ghz.
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