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Default Re: Vanguard NDA lifted

I have been testing VG since beta 4 with my brother and at first I felt the same way as most of you guys. After getting past the performence issues and starting testing the classes I must say that I have not had this much fun with classes in any MMO and I played them all. So far I played a Monk to lvl 11, a Ranger to lvl 14, a Druid to lvl 12 and I am now working on a Dread Knight. The classes were fun to me at low levels and they only got better with each spell level.

The chains bridges and finishers are great and adds to the game play. Each class I played I enjoyed and they all were great and unique. I for one will be getting this game and to be honest I was not even looking foward to it before I got accepted into beta.

I respect the opinions of those who hate the beta but I find it fun and addictive.
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