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Default Re: Question on thermal power, stepping and architechture

Originally Posted by J-Mag
Really? I have had it happen to me on several occasions.

What were you using Small, Large, or mixed FFTs?

Maybe there is one other factor we aren't looking at: Patience. I don't think I have ever let prime go 6hrs unless I passed out or something... LOL
Small FFT's, which burns the proc the most. And I usually let it run overnight and get a good 6-8 hours in.

Usually a couple three is max for me.
Yeah, I don't think that's enough. A good 6-8 should do the trick. Again, I've never had a machine that primed for 6-8 hours go unstable on me, including my current build. It hasn't crashed abnormally (other than normal Windows bugs, which of course happen occasionally) or gotten memory errors or disk read errors or anything else.

In fact, when I first build a system is when I look for my maximum overclock. I'll raise the speed/voltage and prime it, then rinse and repeat until I've reached the max I'm willing to go w/ it. Then after that is over, I'll do a fresh reformat of Windows. And if you have an unstable overclock at that point, Windows most likely won't install right. You'll get stupid IRQ errors and missing file errors all through the installation (this has happened w/ me before if I didn't prime stable first.)

Corrupt files FTL!
Yeah, you don't want those, which is why I prime it for a while first. If it doesn't fail under that intense testing (nothing else you run will heat your proc up or stress it as much, including gaming), then you're not going to get disk read errors, memory errors, IRQ errors, and all that fun stuff.

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