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Default Re: Question on thermal power, stepping and architechture

Originally Posted by grey_1
Whats best to use for prime? I just guessed blend was the harshest test.
Don't use blend. Use small FFT's and keep a close eye on your temps, because it will really heat it up.

All blend does is use memory; it doesn't stress your processor that much. Also make sure that you run two instances of prime from different locations on your drive. You'll need two windows open, and you'll click on the "affinity" option on the toolbar of each window under "advanced" or "options" (I forget which it is, and I'm in the process of a motherboard switch on my main build right now. On laptop at the moment.) Set affinity to 0 for one of your cores and 1 for the other. This assures that prime is running on both of your cores. Then torture test--> small FFT's.

And Windows Memtest is also a great program to test your memory stability along with your overclock.

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