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Default Re: Color problem (NV 420 Go)


I did some re-engineering and found out the following:
The card has three memory spaces in the PCI area:
1) 16 MB - Graphics registers
2) 64 MB - Video memory (as A0000h, but linear and not banked)
3) 512 KB - This is not used by the Linux driver

I could also find out some locations of registers in the 16 MB area.
The computer crashes when I read out certain locations in the first 6 MB of the 16 MB area. I'd like to know why.

I'll try to continue to re-engineer the driver to write a tool that
- resolves the color problem
- enables me to use a second display in "copy mode"


--- EDIT ---
I found out that the external video connector works when the monitor is connected when powering up the system. So I do not need to write an additional tool/driver for this.

The external video connector works with 16 million colors while the laptop's display works with 256 K colors. I still wonder why because I want to have my 16 million colors on the laptop's display.

After starting the nvidia driver under Linux (starting the X server and terminating it) the on-board video bios displays 16 million colors, too, but causes a crash of the system after less than one second. Therefore I'm sure that the nvidia driver sets any registers that allow the use of 16 million colors. I still want to know what registers.

I'll give up re-engineering because it takes too much time.

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