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Default Re: Xorg 7.2 and 9746 freeze

I did it via ssh this morning, xorg was frozen, only mouse was moving around.
It was using all cpu and I had to kill it several times to end it, memory usage was 240MB.
#0  0x0809683a in DeletePassiveGrab ()
#1  0x0807033d in FreeResource ()
#2  0x08096b36 in DeletePassiveGrabFromList ()
#3  0x0808cdd5 in ProcUngrabButton ()
#4  0x0813d571 in XaceCatchDispatchProc ()
#5  0x0808640f in Dispatch ()
#6  0x0806e855 in main ()
I don't understand what this output means (are those some procedures that are stuck in infinite loop?).
Using xorg 7.2 from suse repo and nvidia 9742 drivers.
Full gdb output is attached.

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