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Default Color quality of Ti4600 and the 8500

I've seen tech charts comparing visual quality of the two cards. I'm too lazy to figure out the technical jargon of their chart explanations, but it looks like the Ti4600 has sharper textures and images than the Radeon 8500 for 3D games. But what about color? I can't really tell by reading the results, or I didn't read carefully enough.

Can you really quantitatively test for gaming color quality or image quality in video cards? Anyway the color difference may too small to matter and I heard even experts struggle to tell the difference while playing games on side by side monitors on both cards or from screenshots.

I realize you can use color tweakers and gamma adjustments for the Ti4600 for games.

And sorry if you've gone over the Nvidia vs ATI color comparison issue already a few hundred times in past.

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