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Default Re: What MMO's do we have to look forward too?

Originally Posted by pkirby11
Well mindless people can continue to play WOW, I on the other hand love Vangaurd and plan to continue playing it well after beta. I like it, reminds me of WOW and Everquest 1. I hate EQ1, loved WOW to a point until I got to the end game.

Vangaurd will not fail, I can assure you that. It might have it's problems but what MMO doesn't, WOW certainly did. Already cancelled my WOW: BC pre-order and paid in full my Vangaurd CE. Can't wait for the beta to end, right now I don't want to get to far in level before the game launches.

I think people are just whinning to much about Vangaurd because they were hoping for an MMO of old, well if you want that then go play and MMO of old. I think Vangaurds hit a good mix here and it looks really good. Also, I have no problems with people not enjoying the game but stop with all the bashing. There are worse games out there that certainly deserve this kind of abuse.

Looking forward to:
Huxley (far off)
Warhammer Online
Aion (again no release date)
Bioware MMO (really long wait)

Those are the few I can name off the top of my head.
Have you played the BEATA? We don't mind the stuff they are trying. It is the fact that it doesn't work. I would much rather be mindless and play WoW than Vanguard. At least WoW works and is fun.

And telling people what to bash and not bash is silly. I you don't like our opinions then don't read them.
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