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Default Re: What MMO's do we have to look forward too?

Originally Posted by UDawg
Have you played the BEATA? We don't mind the stuff they are trying. It is the fact that it doesn't work. I would much rather be mindless and play WoW than Vanguard. At least WoW works and is fun.

And telling people what to bash and not bash is silly. I you don't like our opinions then don't read them.
I don't have problem with your opinions, I just don't agree with them. I'm entitled to that right? That is the whole point of a forum, it just seems like you guys aren't seeing what fun there is and what potential there is. Yes I admit that it's very buggy but that doesn't bother me because UO, EQ, WOW, EQ2 and almost every other MMO I've played was buggy as hell at launch and could have waited another 3 to 6 months to fine tune it but they didn't. Sigil is not different, actually I think they are seeing how they've already increased the performance and stability of Vangaurd in less than two weeks, WOW took 6 months before I could play well and to this day I still have to wait in que to get logged in. Hell with all the money Blizzard makes off this supposed subscription base you'd think they could afford decent servers.

And yes, I've been playing non stop since Beta 5 opened last week and I'm quite happy. Even cancelled my WOW: BC pre-order for the Vangaurd CE pre-order.
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