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Default Re: Languages you know

IMO Perl is beautiful (insert well-known saying here). Perl allows programmer to do wonders with very little effort.

Perl is often seen as "read-only language" and this isn't far from truth if beginner tries to decipher code written by Perl-wizard in a hurry. Then again Perl is not the only language that can be difficult to comprehend. Also, like most programming languages (except Lisp), Perl can be very clear and pretty. Also notice that regular expressions and Perl are not the same thing. Perl can use regexps extensively and Perl even has some extensions to regexp, but they're still two very different things. I love them both.

Originally Posted by Clay
I tend to think of "programming" languages as languages that are compiled while "scripting" languages are interpreted. That's not bulletproof though I know.
I pretty much agree with Clay. Scripted languages are interpreted. Unfortunately it's not that simple. perlcc can compile Perl-scripts into native executables. The way I see it, any scripting language can be compiled into native binary. (Although compiling scripting language that can modity itself can be slightly tricky.)
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