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Default Re: Suggestions on E6600 oc

Well the big difference is because I snapped the screenshot right when the test was done and temperatures started dropping. The temps alway stay within a max difference of 5 degrees on both cores. I ran Prime95 for about half hour to check the temps at full load and the max it reached was 68. As soon as I stopped it the temps drop back down and idle at 50 degrees. I couldn't install two instances of Prime95. So I'm planning on running two instances of Orthos and run it for a couple of hours. And about the heatsink; I was going to use this tutotorial:

CPU: Intel C2D E6600 @ 2.4GHz L630A962
MOBO: eVGA 680i SLi Board
Cooling: Thermalright Ultra 120 w/Thermaltake Fan & (3)120mm Fans
RAM: Dominator 800(PC2 6400) 2x1GB stock
Graphics: eVGA 8800GTX
PSU: Silverstone Zeus ST85ZF 850W
HD: Raptors 2x74GB RAID 0 / Caviar SE16 320GB/ Plextor CD/DVD-RW
Sound: Sound Blaster X-Fi XtremeGamer Fatal1ty
Case: CM Stacker 830 Silver
Display: Dell 2005FPW
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