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Default Re: Microsoft: HD-DVD might be "next Betamax"

This is what this link says:

1080i - HDTV format of 1080 interlaced visible lines of 1920 total pixels each in 16:9 aspect ratio. 1080i is per frame (540 lines x two fields) at 30 fps, and the HD format is commonly used since 1998. See DTV.

1080p - HDTV format of 1080 progressive visible lines of 1920 total pixels each in 16:9 aspect ratio. 1080p is per frame at either 24fps or 30 fps. 1080p/60fps is not one of the 18 ATSC formats but new displays introduced since 2005 are able to display in that format. 1080p/24fps should be ideal for the transfer and broadcast of 24 fps film-based material, but it is not used at the present broadcasting. However, should it be used, objectionable flicker would require the 1080p/24fps to be converted to either progressive 1080p/60 fps or interlaced 1080i/30fps (60 fields per second).

If the signal were to be converted to the higher 1080p/60fps, it would also require a CRT based video projector with a fast raster (67.5kHz, double the 33.75kHz of 1080i/30fps) to been able to synchronize to the signal and display it as 60pfs. The same (fast raster) requirement would apply if the 1080p/60fps were obtained from line doubling a 1080i/30fps broadcast program using a scaler/line doubler processor. Some fixed pixel displays released on the first generation/s of 1080p HDTVs capable of displaying 1080x1920 are not actually able to ‘accept’ a 1080p/60fps signal from an external source. In 2006, such source was introduced, Blu-ray hi-def DVD.
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