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Default Re: Wonder how well you PC will run Crysis

Originally Posted by DasFox
Why even be concerned with this resolution since the majority of gamers will be on smaller monitors anyways, and performance is going to be based on the settings you use.

I mean unless all anyone wants to know is how well it does for 2048x1536, but isn't really the point just to know how well it works for different settings/setups, so people will know what the recommended specs are.

Any game will run up to any type of a rez. you throw out it, IF you HAVE the hardware to support it.

Why drool over 2048x1536 and test a game at this for the general public that will never use this.

It's more like a glam show off, see what this can do, so what, any next GEN game can do these resoultions too.
That was the reason i linked to the article. It's because if it can run that well at that resolution, then the average PC should be just fine at lower settings.
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