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Default Re: Wonder how well you PC will run Crysis

Originally Posted by icecold1983
theres a lot of games where that isnt true, unless good fps is in the 20s or u dont mind a very low minimum framerate
I don't have a very big library of new games, nor do I really play a bunch of different genres, so you are probably more correct than I am. On the games that I play anyway, BF2, COD2, COH, and AOE3, I have no problems running with everything on. Even Oblivion runs pretty good with the AA turned down a fuzz.

To me, good fps is at least 40 in RTS, and 60 in FPS. I am very sensitive to motion sickness in games, so it bothers me to play with even somewhat low fps. I have a different tolerance depending upon the game, in which some games I can go lower without it bothering me, and there are some games it doesn't matter if I'm running 100 fps I can't play it cause of the textures and lighting in them. I can only take Quake 4 in small doses, Fear Combat will get me after about 20 minutes, as will Resistance: Fall of Man. Yet I can play Unreal, COD, and BF2 with almost never getting sick.
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