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Default Re: Wonder how well you PC will run Crysis

Originally Posted by walterman
It will be a slideshow till next 2 or 3 gens of gpus.

They can say that it runs at 60fps looking at the floor or walls, but we all know that it will run like a slideshow while fighting at the deep jungle.

I expect 10-20fps on my system at 1280x1024 without FSAA & medium settings.
This is more than true considering that your game has no DX10 support. Those whom have a GF8 or Radeon X2k series card(s) should be able to run it at rather high settings without a problem. With my setup (dual GTSs) I'm going to be very disappointed if I can't run it near maxed settings. And when I go Quad core I aim to also get a pair of GTXs. THAT rig had better run it maxed or I'll be bummed out.
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